Since many years trimming programs are generated by FAMOS robotic®, such as for dashboards, bumpers, aluminium car- trims, plastic housings etc.

FAMOS robotic® stands for a high machining quality, an easy programming and a quick program adjustment.

Benefits at a glance

  • Multiple TCPs can be applied and used, for example, at the end face of the cutting bit.
  • Quick and easy adjustment of TCP and re- orientation speed.
  • Parameter "TCP- Offset" allows you a quick adjustment of the cutting depth.
  • You can quickly and easily adapt position, orientation and parameters.
  • Geometry function to compensate the cutting bit diameter at 3D- outlines.
  • Powerful functions allow to program whole edge trims in just a few steps, even with complex geometries.
  • Software functions provide a minimization of the wrist rotation.
  • With the aid of the simulation and the visualization by CAD data you can program even in the smallest constructed space where you won't find any place in reality for monitoring.
  • Path lengths are easily measureable for example to estimate the durability of the cutting bit.
  • Check of accessibility with tool and work piece etc.

Video - Simulation of a milling application