Thermal spray coating

FAMOS robotic® enables the creation of coating programs with proven and productive methods. The programmer is supported by a powerful coating visualization, which allows extensive preparation of the program at the desk.

Coordinated external axis

Automatic calculation and assignment of external axis values to maintain the robot's preferred posture for machining.

The robot can be combined with traversing axes and multi-axis positioning.

Asynchronous external axes

Automatic calculation of the feed rate for the points of the profile curve and
Determination of the necessary speed for the external axis.

All calculations are performed as a function of the pre-planed surface speed and the distance of the profile curve points from the axis of rotation.

Process visualization

Visualization for coating processes by coloring the component surface. The process can be configured with various parameters to achieve realistic results.

Generation of the process trajectories


Automatic creation of meander paths between paths, curves and component edges. Fast adjustment of individual path points or contiguous motion paths using special selection functions.

To achieve consistent application performance, the path speed is automatically adjusted when the contours taper and the distances between the segments become smaller.

Benefits at a glance

  • Powerful process visualization to support programming.
  • Efficient functions for controlling external axes.
  • Automatic functions help to achieve a uniform coating result.
  • Efficient creation of process paths.
  • Quick and easy change of position, orientation and parameters.
  • Scripts can automate parts of the programming.