CAD Interface

FAMOS robotic ® uses the Granite One® geometry kernel of PTC for imports and the evaluation of CAD models. This kernel is used and proven in products of PTC, e.g. Pro / E, a thousand times. The import filters of the kernel are mature and robust. All filters are included.

In principle, you can load as many models and assemblies as you need. Different formats and model units can be used.

Supported import formats

  • Pro/E Assemblies (*.asm) and Parts (*.prt)
  • Creo Assemblies (*.asm) and Parts (*.prt)
  • Granite Parts (*.g)
  • Step AP203/AP214 (*.stp)
  • IGES (*.igs)
  • VDA/FS (*.vda)
  • ACIS-SAT (*.sat)
  • Parasolid (*.x_t, *.x_b)

In addition you can use the formats StL (*.stl) ASCII and binary, IGP (*.igp) and SCAD (*.scad). These are simple polygonal formats and not recommended for path creation. They are useful for grippers, obstacles and other cell component.


FAMOS robotic® will keep assembly structures and allows access to all parts and sub assemblies. You can hide, delete or change the color of parts, for example.


To create a good path, a high-quality CAD model is very important. Only solids and free-form surfaces provide good tangents and normals to calculate the orientation of a target, for example. In FAMOS robotic® geometries therefore will not be simplified to reduced polygon models. They remain in maximum quality!